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Tablet Menu Solution

Track and Manage your business from anywhere.

Our intuitive web-based Tablet Menu Content Management and Order Management Solution empowers you to update and manage your complete Menu Catalog and keep track of real time orders any time from any computer.

Digital Tablet Menu Menu Management

  • Add multiple Menu Categories and Subcategories
  • Upload High Resolution Images of Food and Beverages
  • Multiple Order Selections, add-ons, Food Modifiers with Prices
  • Add Descriptions, Nutritional Information, and Recommendations

Digital Tablet Menu Order Management

  • Full Kitchen Ordering Management System
  • Sends customer orders directly to kitchen
  • Save or Print order receipts
  • Complete Order History and Analytics

Tablet menu Toronto Design Management

  • Customize the Restaurant Theme (logo, color, wallpaper, background, etc.)
  • Content Management System allows you to make changes anytime, anywhere
  • Manage Navigation Buttons
  • Configure Multiple Language Options

iMenucards Admin

1Create Advertising Revenue Streams with Graphic Slide Shows

2 Create an Engaging Customer Experience with Videos

3 Enhance your Customer Experience with Social Media and Website Links

iMenucards Admin
Menu Management
Add unlimited Menu Categories & Sub-Categories Upload high-res Photos of Food Items Add description, nutritional information with Recommended Food Combinations Enter Price for each Food Modifier

Order Management
Active KOT (Kitchen Ordering Ticket) Management Save or Print i-receipts for Orders Complete Order History & Analytics Possible Integration to your Cash System

Frontend Design Management
Customize the Front-end theme (logo, color, wallpaper, background etc.) Manage Navigation Buttons Configure Multiple Language Options

Digital Tablet Menu Application

Setup a Professional Digital Menu Within Minutes

  • tablet menu for restaurant

    Personalized Branding

    Completely customizable to match your theme and décor

  • Tablet restaurant menu

    Multi-Language Options

    Supports 50+ languages and is customizable

  • Digital restaurant menu

    Delicious Graphics

    Using enhanced graphics and HD Images

  • Tablet menu Toronto

    Happy Hours & Specials

    Increase sales by promoting selected food and beverage items

  • Digital restaurant menu

    Menu Catalog Management

    Update food items, descriptions, graphics, prices, nutritional information, etc.

  • Electronic restaurant menu


    Generate additional revenue through advertising

  • Restaurant ordering system

    Food Pairing & Recommendations

    Cross-sell to customers by promoting the best combination of food and beverages

  • Restaurant tablet ordering system

    Feedback & Testimonials

    Track customer eating preferences and ratings on Food, Décor, Service, and Cost

  • Restaurant tablet ordering system toronto

    Analytics & Reports

    Analyze real-time performance statistics, transactions, occupied tables, sales reports, etc.

Plan Features





Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
25 GB Storage iMenuCards remove icon Unlimited
iPhone App iMenuCards remove icon Unlimited
Enhanced Security iMenuCards tickmark iMenuCards tickmark
E-mail iMenuCards tickmark iMenuCards tickmark
Wordpress Support iMenuCards remove icon iMenuCards tickmark
24/7 Support iMenuCards tickmark iMenuCards tickmark
Backups iMenuCards tickmark iMenuCards tickmark
Dedicated IP $2/mo $2/mo

Power it up with a Synchronized Smart Phone App

Restaurant tablet ordering system

For Customers

Your customers can now use your “Tablet Menu Smart Phone App” to browse through your complete menu catalog, access special offers, location details, book a table from anywhere.

  • Browse Menu Catalog
  • View Special Offers
  • Post your Feedback & Ratings
  • View Testimonials & Reviews

For Wait Staff

Create multiple wait staff logins and provide them with a quick “order capturing” tool through your “Tablet Menu Smart Phone App.” Your wait staff will be able to quickly configure new order queues and add the food items as ordered by your customers.

  • Create New Order Queue
  • Add Items to Order
  • Add Special Comments for the Chef with the Order
  • Upsell Opportunity – Recommend Food Combinations
  • Track Already Queued Items from the Order Management System
  • Sound and Vibration Alerts when there is a change in Order Status

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