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The New Way to success.

Ideally, restaurant owners want the most cost-effective and engaging method of communicating with their customers. Unfortunately, many restaurants experience delays between the receipt and delivery of orders. This could mean lost revenue.

About iMenuCards

We offer competitive solutions to the hospitality industry.

iMenuCards innovative products are specially designed and developed for the Hospitality Industry to help you build your brand utilizing the latest technology and trends that will grow your business to the increasing population of mobile-savvy users.

Our custom software development team has developed and delivered over 1000 web and mobile solutions within the last few years. We cater to a large variety of industries and have developed various applications including gaming information, dating services, product catalogues, executive information systems, telecom voice over IP solutions, GPS and mapping, reporting management systems, Customer Relationship Management solutions, time tracking systems, Video Streaming Applications, payroll processing systems, and digital printing solutions and many more.

iMenuCards is one of the very first providers of mobile, iPad and tablet app development for the Hospitality Industry. Our restaurant and hotel application solutions are meant for large fine dining establishments and clubs to casual coffee shops, bars and pubs. Our developed apps can also be customized for your requirements.

Get started today. Learn more about iMenuCards V2.

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