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Why Tablets Are Replacing Paper Menu?

Restaurants all over the world are using tablet menus. With ordering systems, ordering has become a single click-affair. Moreover restaurants are enhancing the ordering experience for everyone. This technology results in increased guest satisfaction, more efficient staff, and growing revenues.

The first thought is that digital menus will replace waiters. However, it is not true. If you take a more detailed glance at the ordering process, it becomes clear that the truth is somewhat different. In fact, it improves communication between guests and waiters.

You should consider the needs of customers. They want to be greeted and welcomed in the best way possible. This is true even when tablet menu is on the table.

Moreover, paper menus are very old. They are outdated and very difficult to keep up. Reprinting them is also a costly affair.Hence, digital menu is the best way to do business. It has completely changed how people order meals in the restaurant.

Customer reactions are also positive. Majority of customers are delighted by the new technology. Very few customers face difficulty with restaurant ordering systems. And it is giving the business better insight into what food customers really want. With tablets, restaurants can capture valuable feedback and data insights.

This customer-directed technology is the latest trend in restaurant business. At iMenuCards, we provide tablet menu development services at affordable rates. Our restaurant and hotel application solutions are suitable for large fine dining restaurants and clubs to casual coffee shops, etc. Our developed apps can also be customized per your requirements. Contact us for a free quote!


iMenuCards: Attract more Tourists to Your Restaurant with Tablet Menu

Tourism is one of the most exciting and progressive industries in the world. More and more individuals are keen to explore new places. In its broadest sense, the tourism industry is a multi-million dollars industry. Hence, the stakes are very high. With all that is on offer, one of the main challenges facing this industry is the language problem.


Restaurant Tablet Menu

More and more cafes, bars and restaurants want to impress their foreign guests. But language always creates a barrier. In such scenarios, technology can break the language barriers.  One such technological marvel is tablet menu. In fact, there is a huge demand for tablet menu with support for different languages. Here are some more benefits of restaurant ordering systems:

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

With digital menus, you will never face problems with translation. Your foreign customers have to choose their preferred language, and tablet menu will switch to the selected language. Hence, these solutions will remove any confusion. Most importantly, a well-written translation will increase your revenues as well.

Increase in Revenue

As we discussed above, restaurant ordering systems have a direct impact on revenue. All restaurants work tirelessly to fulfill their customers’ needs.  This can easily be done with the help of tablet menu.  In fact, itis the best way to woo foreign customers and earn more money from them.

It is very easy to get tablet menu solutions in multiple languages. Contact us for reliable tablet menu solutions in Toronto. iMenuCards offer7 Days trial offer  as well.


Why Your Restaurant Needs the ‘Tablet Menu Experience’?

Staying updated with the popular trend, restaurants are replacing paper menus with tablet menus. So, next time you are at a restaurant, be prepared to use a tablet menu to order your favorite dish. And it’s not only the expensive, fine dining ones that are using these solutions. Even fast food joints, coffee shops have adopted this new technology that’s already very popular in the North America, Asia and Europe.


Let’s explore the world of possibilities that tablet restaurant menus offer. Customers can see photographs of the dishes with a description — right from the nutritional information, quantity to even the origin of the dish. It even includes advertisements, which can earn additional revenues for the restaurant owner. You can even change the menu anytime – that was not possible with paper menu.

Tablet menu is used in many other industries such as tourism sector, hotels, guest houses, etc.  This is more important for smaller businesses. Let’s take an example.  Most small businesses have to manage their business with limited staff, this technology can help them in saving costs. Most importantly, tablet menu supports multiple languages, which is very helpful in these sectors.  Tablets are already used in many such businesses all over the world.

Our clients are happy with this new-age ‘Tablet Menu Experience’. If you’re also planning to try out digital restaurant menu, contact us. We offer 7-days free trial at no extra cost.  Setting up a professional digital menu will take only a few minutes.


How can Tablet Menu Help Your Waiting Staff?

Tablet menus are popular the world over for their innovative features and ease of use. Tablets are used to provide detailed descriptions, pictures or even video content. And meals are followed by recommendations such as drinks and desserts. Guests have an access to all of restaurant’s offerings. Nowadays, tablet menu supports different languages as well. Tablet menu is definitely a game-changer. Continue Reading →


Can Tablet Menu Really Improve Guests’ Experience?

A restaurant’s success depends on many factors. Great food is an obvious necessity. Marketing is another crucial factor. However, great service is of the utmost important. And restaurants leave no stone unturned to improve the guests’ experience. They invest in training of their staff, interiors and expensive lighting. But, many of them forget that technology is the biggest game changer. Continue Reading →


How can Tablet Menu Help Small Restaurants?

Small restaurants have limited resources. They have to manage their business with limited staff and finances. So, restaurants owners need innovative ordering management solutions.  These solutions not just ease their burden, but they also improve the revenues of small businessmen.  Restaurant self ordering systems or tablet menus have numerous benefits. Here ,our focus is on small business establishments.  Let’s have a look: Continue Reading →


Restaurant self-ordering system: Revolutionary Solutions for Your Favorite Restaurant

Restaurants all over the world are moving towards restaurant ordering systems. Guests can directly order from the table. There is no need of waiting staff to take orders from customers. Let’s explain it in simpler terms. In the restaurant, guests sit down and place their orders from the tablet. It’s convenient and affordable too!

Why Is Tabletop Ordering Good for Your Business? Continue Reading →

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How can Our Tablet Menu Solutions Benefit Your Restaurant?

Restaurant business is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. The taste, preferences of consumers can change anytime. We’re not just talking about cuisines or eating habits; technology is also crucial for the business. Most people don’t understand that it is also one of the most important components of the industry. But, the intelligent ones have begun to notice the rise of technology. Continue Reading →


All You Need to Know about iMenuCards

Like any other business, the restaurant business depends on returning customers and increased revenues. Technology can help restaurant owners to achieve this milestone. And the most visible revolution arises in the form of Tablet menu. It is not just related to taking orders through tablet menu. Now tablet menu do a lot more. It offers personalized branding, HD pictures and videos, entertainment options, etc. So, many restaurant owners are using digital menu to improve guests’ experience. Continue Reading →