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Trial Package Questions

Do I need to enter my Credit Card details to sign up?

No. You can subscribe to our Trial Package absolutely FREE for 7 days without entering any Credit Card details up front. During your Trial period, you may select a package of your choice and upgrade your subscription anytime.

What is the duration of the Trial Package?

The Trial Package is offered for 7 days.

What does the Trial Package include?

The Trial Package comes with the complete ‘Silver version’ of the iMenuCards Tablet Menu App. You will be able to make changes to the menu, add/remove images, text, and videos and experience the entire ordering process and functionality of iMenuCards

Can I install and configure more than 1 device to test iMenuCards?

Yes. You will get two Licenses with the Trial Package subscription and can configure up to two devices (Android Tablets and/or iPad).

Which currencies does your app currently support?

iMenuCards currently includes the following currency options:

  • USD (US $)
  • CAD (Canadian $)
  • INR (Indian Rupees र)
  • EUR (Euro €)
  • GBP (Pound Sterling £)
  • MXN (Mexican Peso $)

Note: If there is an additional currency option you wish to add, please email us at info@imenucards.com and we will take care of the rest.

Can my guests view My Menu in their preferred language?

Yes. iMenuCards allows multiple language options that can be selected. The Menu names, descriptions and other details will be automatically translated to the selected language. The following Languages are enabled in our application, by default:

  • English (default)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Hindi

Note: Additional languages can be enabled from the content management system as needed.

General Questions

What type of Restaurants can use iMenuCards?

iMenuCards can be implemented in a variety of restaurant types including Cafes, Bars, Fast Food Chains, Casual Restaurants, and Fine Dining Restaurants.

Are there any long-term contracts that I have to sign?

No. iMenuCards has been developed on the “SaaS – Software as a Service” model giving you the flexibility and freedom to subscribe to our packages by paying a monthly fee only. If you do not wish to continue using iMenuCards (even though we are very confident that you will love it), you can cancel your subscription and delete your account at any time.

Do you also offer any customized packages?

Yes. You can get in touch with our sales team and provide them with your wish-list and a outline of functionality requirements. Please email info@imenucards.com or call (905) 508-7816.

Do you update your iMenuCards app with new features?

Yes. We update our platform with new features and modules frequently, based on the real-time experiences of our clients making our product all the more robust and user-friendly. All of our updates are free.

Where does my app and data reside and how secure is it?

iMenuCards is hosted on the servers of GoDaddy.com, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, with a 99.9% “Service Uptime Guarantee” from the providers. Furthermore, our platform has been developed with customized JavaScript & coding to ensure the utmost performance and security, which means you can rest assured that your data will be completely secured and backed-up at all times.

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