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How it Works

1. Get started today. Learn more about Tablet Menu V2.

The orthodox paper-card stock and menu booklet is old school. Let your customers experience a more dynamic way of browsing through your Restaurant's Menu by using our 'Tablet Menu' software.

how it works

2. Download Tablet Menu App& Smart Phone App from the App Stores

Tablet Menu App

3. Configure your Tablet devices & Smart Phones with the purchased Licenses &Manage the Menu & Orders with the provided Restaurant Account credentials.


Tablet Menu solution serves as a great medium to improve your real-time marketing to your diners. Here are a few advantages that you can benefit from, using our Tablet Menu applications:

Enriched Guest-User Experience

  • Add an element of stimulating impact to your guests' dining experience
  • Expand your reach and customer satisfaction through multi-language support
  • More Personalized as guests can select food modifiers and add special notes for the chef
  • Direct ordering to the kitchen (iKOT) implements fast and pleasing service
  • Utility Features such as one-touch 'Request for Waiter' or 'Bill' results in improved service

Increased Revenue

  • Upsell More - By showcasing Recommended Food Combinations to your guests
  • Reach more potential diners by highlighting Hot Offers & Happy Hours

Improved Service Quality

  • Better time utilization for waiters while guests decide and order directly through the app
  • Identify & promote 'top-selling items' against the 'not-so-popular' dishes
  • Eliminate any human billing errors through the automated ordering process
  • Generate analytics reports for better productivity measurement & business performance analysis.

No Re-printing Overhead

  • Change or add a new food item to your Menu Catalog instantly without any additional cost

Go Green

  • A small step using less paper work with our Tablet Menu App contributes to global environment improvement

Get started today.Learn more about Tablet Menu V2.

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