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Tablet Menu

How it Works

1. Download the Tablet Menu App from the iTunes & Google Play App Stores

Tablet Menu App   Tablet Menu App   Tablet Menu App

2. Configure your Tablet devices with the purchased Licenses & Manage the Menu & Orders with the Restaurant Account credentials that are provided.
Alternatively, you can request a FREE Trial license today from Here

Functionality Flow

I. SILVER- Display-Only

Tablet Menu App



II. GOLD - Order Management System

Tablet Menu App


iMenuCards Tablet Menu Solution delivers an easy-to-use and engaging platform that gives you the opportunity to engage your customers utilizing real-time marketing and increase revenue by saving time with ordering and delivery of menu items.

Enriched Customer Experience

  • Add an element of visually stimulating graphics, videos, and descriptions to your menu.
  • Customers can personalize their orders with food modifiers, multiple options, and special notes.
  • Food orders can be sent directly to the kitchen from the tablet to save time and improve restaurant efficiency.
  • Features such as “Call a Waiter” and “Order the Bill” improve service and wait time.
  • Expand your reach and customer satisfaction with the Multi-Language option.

Increase Revenue

  • Upsell more by showcasing Recommended Foot Combinations to your customers.
  • Attract more customers with Special Offers and Happy Hour.
  • Manage your own menu content instantly and never print another paper menu again.

Improve Service Quality

  • Better time management for wait staff while customers decide and order directly through the app.
  • Eliminate food order and billing errors through the automated ordering process.
  • Generate analytics reports for better productivity measurement and business performance analysis.
  • Promote your top selling food and beverage items; add new dishes and drinks to replace unpopular ones.

Get started today. Learn more about iMenuCards V2.

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